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Our President Corey began working on his first business venture (Enue Clothing LLC) in 2009. Corey started this venture in Columbus, Ohio where he was born and raised. After 2009 Corey decided to pursue his life long dream of moving to California. Once he moved back to the Midwest he knew just what he wanted to do and how it should look. In 2012 Corey turned Enue Clothing LLC into Righno Boutique LLC. After establishing a presence online and in the community of Indianapolis, Indiana (where the company was created), Corey decided to open his first store. The first store was opened on November 13th 2014. Our mission has always been to bring Men products that they can invest in and add to their own lifestyle, with ease. We believe in style and comfort but durability in every-day products are just as important if not a must.

Righno is a Men's Shop; filled with contemporary lifestyle Fashion, Home Goods, Skin Care and Hair Care products; brought to you with a West Coast and European twist in style. A lot of our inspirations comes from the European and Australian trends that we see. At Righno, our focus is to be at the forefront of the fashion industry, anyone and everyone can find something to love at Righno. That goes for Man or Woman, we bring in a curation of brands that we love and truly believe in. We take pride in educating ourselves and our potential customers on what we love about these brands and exactly why they work so well for us. 

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